An Accident Reconstructionist who provides detailed analysis of auto collision causation.

I also provide Collision/Crime scene documentation training
for agencies that use total stations and
Cad Zone/Faro Zone drawing software for their completed reports.

Computer Collision Investigations is an independent training provider.

I specialize in:
- Faro Zone drawing software
- LTI Inc's mapping equipment and Quick Map 3D mapping software
- Cad Zone software products with electronic measuring devices ie; Total Stations and LTI Laser mapping devices.
- Pocket Zone training

Expert Services

Consulting and expert witness services in the area of motor vehicle, pedestrian, motorcycle and bicycle causation analysis and accident reconstruction.

Models & Drawings

Mathematical models and computer drawings for presentations


On-site training to law enforcement agencies in the use of total stations and other mapping equipment. This data is then used to instruct the student how to complete their scaled diagrams for the completed accident reports.