George Maglaras


Certified Instructor for Total Stations for scene mapping

Certified Instructor with a Master rating for Cad Zone drawing software

Certified Instructor for IMS 360 mapping software

Certified Instructor for Laser Technologies speed lasers and scene mapping equipment

California POST certified through the Instructor Develop Course

Member of SATAI Professional Group

Member of CARS Professional Group

Lead Reconstructionist and Instructor for the San Diego Police Departments Traffic Division

Qualified expert in Accident Investigation and Accident Reconstruction, Superior and Municipal Court, San Diego California

35 years experience in law enforcement

25 years in Traffic Investigation & Enforcement

150+ Teaching and speaking engagements

I have trained numerous agencies in the Southwest Region.

Recent agencies trained in Crashzone and Pocketzone mapping have been:
- National City PD (CA)
- Cochise SO (AZ)
- CHP San Jose Office
- Washoe SO (NV)
- Henderson PD (NV)

Recent agencies trained in Crimezone and Pocketzone mapping have been:
- Tucson PD (AZ)
- Downey PD (CA)
- Alhambra PD (CA)
- Torrance PD (CA)